Pete's Pearls


Winsford Pete doesn't actually live in Winsford and one can never be sure when he will appear but when he does he will freely share his Pearls of Wisdom

If you come across Winsford Pete on your travels round Exmoor and he bestows a Pearl upon you, then feel free to send it to us at Please put 'Pete Says' in the subject of the email.

DISCLAIMER: Pete's views can be controversial at times and they may not be consistent with the views of the owners, management or customers of The Royal Oak Exmoor


March 202 - Pete Says:


"I was sitting on my stool in the Royal Oak when 5 girls came in. After considering the 12 vegetarian options they asked if they could negotiate a price on the Roast Beef Sirloin without the Roast Beef Sirloin. Our Landlord suggested they made an offer for it being that they had been fully booked and had sold out of Roast Beef anyway.


I thought about lending a hand as it was 5 against 1 but Landlord seemed to be holding his own, he suggested they write a review on Trip Advisor, which they now have, identifying the reviewer as Tanya. My guess is they're either Teachers or Social Workers as they couldn't agree on anything"


March 2020 - Pete Says:

"There's not much chance of me infecting anybody, it's been years since anyone came within 1 Metre of me"


March 2020 - Pete Says:


"Now I've been deemed smart enough to have a Smart Phone I'm finding out stuff that I didn't know that I didn't know, Lidl are putting Pubs inside their supermarkets, that should make the weekly shop with the wife a little more bearable"



March  2020 - Pete Says:


"Winsford reminds me of a French village I once heard of in the 1970's"

March 2020 - Pete Says:


"Someone told me someone's bought the Badger's Holt, but I can't remember who's bought it or who told me"

Feb 2020 - Pete Says:


"Valentine's Day Massacre eh? - BJ's first cabinet meeting after his hob nailed shuffle was Orwellian. There was Napolean, Snowball and Squeeler sitting at the table at Manor Farm with the assembled sheep gathered round chanting the 7 commandments. We wait to hear the pronouncement that some are more equal than others"