Despite some restrictions being lifted on 19th July, Isolation Rules are not scheduled to change until 16th August so our current procedures that have worked so well up to now will remain in place until at least that date and possibly beyond. In summary :-


* Face Coverings should be worn when standing or walking. They can be removed when seated or outside. Masks are freely available at Reception.


* There are hand sanitisers at each entrance door and at the doors to our Bar, Dining Rooms and Residents Lounge. We politely encourage their use


* Staff must wear face coverings at all times


* Bar drinks remain table service only, we're not operating a Public Bar but we're fully open for Room Guests and Non Resident Table Reservations. 


* Once a table has been allocated to a room guest they use the same table for dinner and breakfast for the duration of their stay


* Our Covid Cleaning procedures are continuing in order to safeguard our guests and our staff, we're happy to service guest bedrooms on a daily basis unless you prefer that we don't 


We'll do all we can you ensure your visit to us is as safe, relaxed and enjoyable as possible,


With regards


Mark & Sally