Coronavirus Policy Statement


This page is updated regularly to reflect our current policy as we follow developments and advice from government, health organisations and industry bodies.

We are now closed except for Community Support and Take Away Collections

ON ENTRY: If entering our building for whatever reason you should use the wall mounted alcohol based hand sanitisers which are at every entrance door.

​FOOD PREPARATION AND SERVICE FOR TAKEAWAYS: Our existing and well established food preparation procedures do not need updating but as is our current practice we continue to review.


TOILETS: You are welcome to use our toilets if you need to as long as you keep to the recommended safe distance from others. You must use the antibacterial soap dispensers and the power dryers and/or paper towels provided, you should use one of the wall mounted alcohol sanitisers on entry and again on exit.



DELIVERIES: Delivery drivers must come to the Delivery Door at the rear of the Hotel which is kept locked.

Ring the bell and someone will come to you as soon as they are available to accept the delivery. Please don't ask anyone to sign for your delivery. We understand that you may have more deliveries to make and you want to get on your way as soon as possible but in everyone’s interests deliveries cannot be made directly into our building.

CANCELLATIONS: For accommodation reservations made directly with us we are changing our terms for cancellations. We will refund any deposit for ANY reservation made directly with ourselves up to 48 hours before date of stay. No strings, no questions, no pressure to change the dates for a date in the future. Your money back in full, Just give us a call. What you will get from us is your money back in full and our best wishes.

For accommodation bookings made through 3rd party online booking websites such as or Expedia they will have their own cancellation terms as your consumer contract relationship will be with them and not us.